Łukasz Wierzbowski

Urodzony w 1983 r.

Solo exhibitions:

“Dazzle Ships” Nobile & Amundsen, Norfolk, USA (2014)

„Portraits” Czarny Neseser Gallery, Wroclaw, Poland (2012)

„Flickr Artists: Lukasz Wierzbowski” Nizio Gallery, Warsaw, Poland (2011)

Group exhibitions:

“Timorous Beasties” studio e gallery, Georgetown, USA (2016)

“I wanna fold you” No Wódka, Berlin, Germany (2016)

“Wyborny trup polskiej fotografii” Awangarda BWA, Wroclaw, Poland (2015)

“Just another photo festival” New Delhi, India (2015)

“FOLD” Sky Tower, Wroclaw, Poland (2015)

“Girls will be girls” Isetan, Tokyo, Japan (2013)

“Relic. Sacred youth” Electric Room, New York, USA (2013)

“Sensum” Slot Art Festival, Lubiaz, Poland (2013)

„The Young And Recluse”, New York, USA (2012)

Dust And Scratches Exhibition, MMOMA Moscow, Russia (2012)

„Speaking Without Tongues”, Floor gallery, Texas, USA (2012)

„Tourist presents first installment” International Picture House, London, UK (2012)

„New Research” Los Angeles, USA (2012)

Independent Photography Festival, Melbourne, Australia (2012)

„Coming soon”, Temporary Gallery Cologne, Koln, Germany (2012)

“Dear Vol.1 The Dearest Couples: Gorka y Nico”, Madrid, Spain (2012)

“We convert our mind to creativity”, Trier, Germany (2012)

Elsewhere Factory “Patchbox”, Rome, Italy (2012)

“Sum is equal to the difference” No Local, Krakow, Poland (2012)

“If you leave” Motto Berlin, Berlin (2012)

Up and coming style, ONO Arte Contemporanea, Bologna, Italy (2012)

Attribute (v./n.), Perspectives Gallery, Milwaukee, USA (2012)

Fashionality, Camera 16 gallery, Milano, Italy (2012)

„Country of origin”, Melbourne, Australia (2011)

Pogo Books Exhibition,Neon Chocolate Gallery, Berlin, Germany (2011)

Holy ghost „The collection”, London, UK (2011)

aTree Zine „Magic light”, Croatia (2011)

Pogo Books Sprungturm Exhibition, Cologne, Germany (2011)

„Indian Summer” Fluxx Gallery, De Moines, USA (2011)

Waterfall Magazine Exhibition, Taipei, Taiwan (2011)

Young fashion photographers now, Lodz, Poland (2011)


Selected publications:

Books: „Lukasz Wierzbowski”, Pogo Books, Berlin (2010)
“Sequin Covered Swans”, Éditions du LIC (2013)


Magazines: Neon Vision
Die Zeit Stern
Lodown Zeit Campus
Incubator Dwutygodnik
Frankie Glamcult
Biuro Waterfall
Buck Kmag
Pocketto Exklusiv
Blink Viva! Moda
Unpublished REVS
Avec City Pictorial
Union Lola
Zwykłe Życie Tokion
NOU 1626
Causette Nylon Korea
Nido Marie Claire (US)
BM magazine Jeunesse
GUP Frische
Big Issue (Taiwan) Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazin
Oh Comely Metropol
Emotion Kinki
The Portland Mercury Allegra
Tenmag Sunday Times Style
Zines: Tell Mum Everything Is Ok Some Ways to Disappear
If You Leave Vue Zine
Traum Noir aTree Zine
Common Paper A-stop
Nowhere Blood of the young zine (Girls)
Venuestreet Hard Workers Club
Camera Diynamite Fourth and Main
Spleen The End Zine
Camera Dynamite Girls on film
Blink (UK) Plagiate
I’ve Zine the Darkness Looking back / looking forward
Es Gibt Kein Warum Stay Young
SOVA Dissect
Scroll TTT01
Haufen Calvert Journal
Paper light Wednesday Early Magazine
MIXT Wooly
Unlocked This Very Instant
PDF: Hi-low Rebel Magazine
Ocimag Moon Rocks
Rebel Magazine Moloko+
Moon Some Think Blue
Poncz Err-magazine
U_Mag Line A- Journal
Tourist Ciclope
Magazine Revista Wilhelmina
Boys on film PluzUltra
180 mag Ligature
Cake CZE Magazine
Vrag Imaginary Zine
ACME IthoughIwasalone
Tepsic Find Five Frames
Planet Defeated
Up-and-coming style Razou
DressMeMag Blanket
December Birds oooMagazine
Jut Magazine Chameleon
Base Voight Kampff
Beiser Comrade
Fabric Bite
Dress Me Quint
Becuz Magazine VNDL
Collarbones Diet Cola Zine
Platform SingularArt Zine
Fresh DOZE
Just Another Fashion Magazine Frische
Kneon SwO
Melba Sucre
The Debrief One Shoot Magazine
Jove Magazine Purr
Catwalk Silvia
001 Zine Lens Magazine
Blackout Fanzine No More Magazine
Dry Magazine Lost wknd


Book/Cd covers:

Karen Robards „Shattered”

Emma Forrest „Your voice in my head” American Edition,

Eugen Uricaru “La Soumission”

Dorota Maslowska “Chéri, j’ai tué les chats”

Waa Wei ” No crying”


Cut City „Where’s The Harm In Dreams Disarmed”

Karolina EP

Great Marble “What you need”

Shy Girls “Timeshare” EP